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Can I be a castaway in the Bahamas?

I have always been a proponent for self-sufficiency and love fantasizing and learning about how I would survive if I was left alone on a deserted island. A recent obsession with Survivor has further provoked this curiosity and this summer I really want to plan a trip to an uninhabited island and have a castaway experience for a couple of weeks while I'm still young and have the time. I live in Florida and know the Bahamas seem to be littered with so many islands that not all of them could be inhabited or monitored right? Being so close and accessible, the Bahamas were my first idea, but I'd be willing to hear other potential locations. The actual logistics of surviving on the island are not really a concern for me, I'm just struggling to research if there is such a place that I can fulfill this dream without having to pay some travel company thousands of dollars to use their island, while there seem to be many "free" alternatives right next door. So my question is, if I entered the country legally and had the means, could I just float up to any uninhabited island that is technically public (government) land in the Bahamas and just ... live there for a couple weeks? If there is a punishment, what would it be? Are there specific regions of the Bahamas that would be better suited to survive off of (resources wise)?

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    Camping on public land in the Bahamas is illegal. You're not the only one who wants to hang out on a tropical island for free. If it was legal, there'd be no more uninhabited islands. They'd be filled with campers.

    I'm sure that if you were kayaking or motoring/sailing around in a small boat and if you pulled up to an uninhabited island near the end of the day and camped until morning, and only stayed that night, you'd probably go unnoticed. But only probably. I don't know how any local inhabitants might feel about a foreigner who breaks their laws.

    I can't find any info on what the penalty might be for illegal camping in the Bahamas.

    Most of those small islands have no natural drinking water.

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