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I got hired then fired ?

Hello everyone I'm just wondering did I do something wrong I got hired 8 days ago the managers and the employee didn't wanna train me and everytime I came in I would be like ok what do I do then the lady will say wash dishes then when i was done in would shadow her and see what she's doing she wouldn't say nothing then when manager came he would be in a rush and say sorry BC we gotta train our new employee at another location so they both didn't wanna train and rush me now today my manager decided to give me a letter a notice of termination I'm so sad BC I did everything to learn no one was willing to train me even my manager said it was his first time hiring and he said sorry for not training me can I apply for cra or no 

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    You did nothing wrong.  You just got hired by a company that has bad management and a worse HR department.

    It is not your fault.   THEY are 'that tight place at the end of the bull where the fertilizer comes out'.

    Be glad you did not get turned into fertilizer.  Places like that will do it to you.

    Forget the place and look for another job.

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