How do I put homebrew on my 4.3U Wii?

I have an issue with bootmii and homebrew. Every time I download homebrew I get the 1.1.2 model of homebrew while I need 1.1.3 homebrew and I am using str4hax and every time I try to open bootmii I cannot control it with my Wiimote I do have a 4.3U version Wii and I am using str4hax and one last thing homebrew is blank every time I download homebrew all I see is the background, not the games. 

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  • 3 months ago
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    I'm not sure what you're doing, but I HIGHLY SUSPECT you're utilizing some unofficially modified files (which can include some unwanted extras that may damage or potentially brick your Wii).  Here's the gist that I can find.

    1) You can install the Homebrew channel utilizing the LetterBomb exploit -- I was not able to find this "str4hax" you're noting.  This system exploit is generally the

    2) The CURRENT VERSION of the Homebrew Channel is v1.1.2 -- This is no v1.1.3 & is highly unlikely it will ever get made as the last update was Dec. 7, 2012 (~8 years ago, at time of post) & there's no notes on (which is the HBC developer's blog).  HOWEVER, they have released the source code on Nov. 22, 2016 (~4 years ago)...  so it's possible for forks & variations to be developed by others.

    3) BootMii runs on LOW LEVEL controls...  Meaning that the BlueTooth card isn't running at that time, so you have to utilize the buttons on the Wii (Power & Eject) OR connect a Gamecube controller (assuming you have an original Wii).

    4) The Homebrew Channel DOES NOT BUNDLE any software with it, so you have to install it on your SD card (which it checks by default).  So you'll have to place the homebrew apps in SD:\apps\ (replace "SD:" with the appropriate drive letter or directory for your PC's OS).  If you're using a USB drive, you'll have to go into Homebrew Channel settings & change the directory it's looking at )

    If you don't have apps on the SD card OR USB drive (& in the correct directory), all you'll see is just a blank background.

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