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Both CNN and FOX show the gap is closing, Trump will just have to claim an already red state and he wins! thoughts?

At first I thought he was gonna lose but now I pretty sure he will win


I'm talking about the gaps of the points.

like how it used to be 220 - 110 and now it's 220 - 210

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    No gaps are closing.

    GA, NC and AZ haven't budged in an hour.  They must have stopped counting and went home for the night.

    WI, MI have very slowly been counting, and the Trump margin of victory has remained the same even as there are less and less outstanding votes to count.

    OK, the PA gap has closed, but at this point, Trump doesn't need PA anymore.  When Trump wins GA, NC, WI and MI, he wins the election!

    UPDATE:  Oh, I misunderstood you.  I think Trump has already won based on what I wrote above.

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