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Do you believe reactionaries and liberal revolutionaries are honestly better or worse than "status quo" Democrats and Republicans, and why?

Because they both despise the status quo, both despise economic and political so-called "establishment" elites and want some kind of revolution (one based on ancient tradition to a previous golden age, the other on radical and unpredictable change leading to a future ideal society), and both despise mainstream institutions while most Democrats and Republicans seem largely content with. I would argue that most young Americans and middle-aged to older conservatives would belong to both categories, though they may not necessarily openly label themselves as such.


And though these labels have somewhat negative connotations in the West, in Asia, it is more complicated, it could include some Chinese people yearn for a return of the pre-Communist Republic of China, or Iranians who believe the shah was better than the current theocracy (and it did have better female rights at least), or people who want places like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, or North and South Korea, to reunite 

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  • Foofa
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    The DNC and RNC are basically just corrupt money laundering outfits. We need a better system but it can't be one where people are yanked out of cars and beaten, deprived of livelihoods because they won't bend a knee and where accomplishment is criminalized and idleness is worshipped. Ultimately somebody has to the work required to have a functional civilization. The "New American Order" won't be run by BLM/Antifa either. There are more rational centrists in the nation than there are radicals on either side of the aisle. Either moderation will prevail or we'll go down in the history books as a failed state. 

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