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If you are worth 850,000 euros in Poland, are you considered rich?

I want to sell everything I own in Paris and move to Poland. My grandfather was Polish and my grandmother was Lithuanian. Paris is very expensive and so I have been thinking of returning to my ancestral home land Poland.

If I sell my apartment and everything else that I own, I will have around 850,000 euros worth of assets. I have no debts anymore but at 54, I want to move to Poland with my new 39 year old wife, to have a better standard of living there. My wife is also pregnant with what will be our first child and we both think that Poland will be a better and safer place to raise a family.

I lost my job in France, so we think that now is the best time to make the move. We want to move to the city of Bialystok as I have relatives there. 

I want to know if the amount of 850,000 euros is considered a lot of money in Poland and would I be considered rich with that amount? Or would I be considered wealthy? For Poles living in Poland, is 850,000 euros considered a lot of money?

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    I don't know if you are considered rich, but looking at cost of living data, Paris is somewhere are 2-4 times as expensive as Bialystok. It would seem that you could live comfortably on 850,000 euros but maybe not rich. Then again, rich is a subjective term.

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