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Aiden asked in SportsTennis · 3 months ago

Have you ever taken tennis lessons?

What do you remember of it? What’s one thing that you learned? What’s one thing that your tennis instructor would often say? What did your instructor look like? Did you have a friendship with the instructor off the court?

I’m looking for little details of that experience that are both related and unrelated to tennis. All details are welcome.


Hi, Pearl. Any other sport or hobby lesson? This doesn’t have to be so rigid.

Update 2:

Hi Conley39, can you give me some details that stand out on your memory? It could be anything from what somebody wore on the court to what else you did that day. I need material for a creative writing project, but I want it to sound genuine.

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  • 3 months ago

    I took tennis in college Phys Ed. I didn't have an individual instructor.

  • Pearl
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    3 months ago

    no, ive never done that

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