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Am I wrong for spending my savings on wants instead of a plane ticket to my sister's wedding? ?

I started Saving up for the Nintendo Switch after Smash Ultimate was announced which was March 2018. I even worked summer job. On June 2018 my Sister announced her engagement to her Spanish Boyfriend. She was getting Married in Madrid July 2019. She will livei n Spain after. My Family Prepared Money for Our Tickets but on November 2018, My dad required an operation that reached the plane ticket money. Our Parents can only afford to take themselves. The Children have to contribute on their own. My brother who is 25 years old went. Me, a 20 year old during that time, was still saving up. My 18 year old sister also couldnt go. I just had to contribute an equivalent of $500 (Im not from AMerica but I will use dollars). However, I already saved up for the switch and on January 2019 I spent $500 on A switch ($300), Extra Joycons and Three Games (Smash Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 and Breath of the Wild). My sister was mad I spent $500 on a Switch instead of helping my parents buy plane tickets. I told her it's not her money to dictate it's mine. I planned for the Switch Long Before She Announced her engagement. She hasn't talked to me since that day. I mean my younger sister couldnt go so the family will be incomplete the first place. 

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    You set a goal and you worked and saved for it. That's YOUR money and you have the right to do anything you want with it. As for your spoiled rotten sister, she could have (and should have) had her wedding where her family could be there without everyone spending their life savings. Not your fault and time will take care of this. She should have been more thoughtful of her family if she wanted everyone there.

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    Nintendo switch is definitely more fun and lasting than a wedding,I would say it's money well spent. Anyway, if your sister really wanted everyone to attend, she should have paid for the tickets!

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    Your needs comes first.

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    You end up paying a price no matter what direction you go in, with this one.  What's done is done, however.   Are you wrong? Much to consider, for example: NO ONE should be flying to Spain during the pandemic, where lock down is increasing and flying anywhere is dangerous enough. Your family is making a very foolish choice to do so. But your reasons for not going have nothing to do with this, its more because you are self centered and value your ownership of video games more than relationships with other people. I'd say this makes you sound pretty immature, more like a young teen than a twenty year old "adult". But be that as it may, that's your choice.  

    You will have to live with the consequences, in terms of how it has affected your relationships with everyone else in the family, now, and in the future. Hopefully, you will learn and mature somewhat from where you are standing now.   

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    thats up to you

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    Lucky you, two in one shot. You get what you saved for, and got to stay home.If sister wanted everyone there, she could have paid for it. TBH, id not go, no matter what, id not spend my money to go to some wedding. You also now dont have to hear from her ever again. Family is over rated!

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    You actually TOLD her that you preferred video games to an important family milestone coming hard on the heels of a family illness which must have been terribly worrisome?!?!  Sorry, this is entirely on you.  Look, I didn't go to my brother's wedding in another country because he's a dick and I wasn't going to drop a few k to hang around someone I detest - BUT I didn't say that part aloud.  

    This is what you should have done:

    1) never tell family the details of your finances

    2) politely decline the invitation

    3) send the nicest card you could find and a gift from the registry list (can be small)

    4) offer something toward helping your parents, they raised you after all.  You could've spared a damn game for that and still have bought your switch

    5) be discreet about your purchase and not draw attention to it

    It's all about HOW you go about things.  You went about things like a petulant child.  You need some class.   Your sister is never going to stop thinking that you love electronic crap more than family unless you donate a kidney or something.  It didn't have to be this way.

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    Nintendo games are very fun.  They are more important than family.

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