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True or false? Funding to “cure” high functioning autism is a waste of money?

As someone diagnosed with autism, I say true, all high functioning autism is just being born as less social, think differently of the world, hate eye contact, etc compared to the general population. All that millions.... wasted on a “cure” instead of funding programs to assist us. High functioning autism is not life threatning, isn’t a mental illness, nor disease. It’s no big deal. Not a serious thing anyways.

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    True.  Cure not needed.  It would be nice to have an employment outreach, though.  That way the high functioning could earn money and decide whether or not to waste their pay on treatment.

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    Are you even aware that the term "high functioning" was invented by a Nazi doctor during World War II? And that same Nazi doctor believed that every Autistic person who had more than mild symptoms deserved DEATH, just because of their disability? That's why the preferred term for people with mild ASD is MILD, not "high functioning".. I have mild Autism, and NO, I don't hate eye contact, I'm not antisocial. I do have a different worldview, but that is largely the result of life experiences, including severe childhood trauma- not because of the Autism itself. And while it may not be life threatening, mild Autism is certainly life ALTERING. There's a HUGE STIGMA attached to being an adult with Autism, no matter how mild it may be- as I have learned the hard way. I'm not sick, I'm not broken, and I don't need to be "fixed". What I need, and all Autistic adults need (but far too few of us ever GET) is the ACCEPTANCE and respect of those around us.

    Trying to spend money on "curing" mild Autism is just a waste.

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    It gives people a choice, they can choose to get the 'cure' or not to.  Now, there are some good medications for mental illness including schizophrenia.  Some people choose to take the medications, some choose not to.  Having a treatment gives them choice.

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    I would hope we fund both programs to assist and programs to cure.

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