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Would a guy sleep with you even if he didn’t like your skin color much?

I’m quite dark. I’m wondering if he has an issue with my skin color. I’m of srilankan origin but was born and grew up In Europe. Most of my friends are white and that’s the culture / society identify myself with the most

We have slept together. Does that mean he finds me attractive? 

From time to time he does bring up my skin color but I don’t know what he thinks 

Would he be sleeping with a dark girl if he wasn’t attracted to her? 

I’m saying this because he doesn’t want commitment with me

Is it because he thinks I’m ugly / he thinks I’m too dark? 

We live in a place where there isn’t much diversity and there’s lots of white people who only date other white people 

Srilankans can be lighter in color than me but I’m more on the darker side 


Honest truth please, not some diplomatic jargon or smth to make me feel better. Are people genuinely turned off by dark skin? If so, why sleep with me? 

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    I'll be totally honest with you, and not just because you asked nicely.  Skin tone or colour doesn't even rate in the Top 20 with me.  And while I can only truly speak for myself, I'm guessing more than the vast majority of guys think exactly like I do.

    It's no different than eye colour (though I prefer blue or green eyes), hair colour (I do prefer blondes, brunettes and redheads), height, cup size, shoe size, weight, job description or driving record.  All of those things are totally negotiable in my book.

    I'm completely white, in fact I might even qualify as pale blue.  My ancestry is 50% Croatian, 30% Irish, and the remaining percent is divided among French, English, Algonquin, and American.  There are literally Swedish guys who get to call me a honky.  And I don't care one bit about a girl's skin colour.  As long as she has skin, that's enough for me.

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    I personally would not because if I was not attracted to a lady's skin color, I would not be attracted to her body in general. This is truthfully the case for me. I am just instinctively attracted to females who are white (race) or have similar skin tone, such as asian. If a white lady was tanned dark, I would find her unattractive because I think the color of a dark tan is actually ugly. And to make things worse, sleeping with a female whose body is multiple shades because she obviously couldn't tan nude is even more disturbing. You might as well say she has a pigmentation disorder. 

    In your case, it sounds like he does find you attractive, but the not wanting commitment is a sign he just wants to have sex. If you two have sex regularly, he probably does find you attractive because I don't know of anyone who willingly has sex with someone they find unattractive. How do you get aroused by someone you find unattractive?

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    a guy would sleep with anyone if they get his dickk hard.

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