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Would my parents get upset over a hickey?

I’m a 19 yr old girl (Latina if that matters) and I’m back with my parents during corona. I’m scared that my parents are gonna freak out if they see a hickey I got from a hookup. My dad would be really mad, but if my mom found out i honestly don’t know how she’d react. I know she wouldn’t tell my dad though. The thin is when I was 16 and they found out I hooked up someone (in my house, yikes) they freaked out and grounded me. But my mom at least knew that I had sex in my first year of college and didn’t have a problem with it. And I’m pretty sure she knows it was a hookup and it was all fine she just asked me if I stayed safe. But like now I’m living with her and idk how she’d react now, especially after finding some bdsm rope I had (she didn’t make a big deal about it but like with that knowledge plus seeing a bruise on my neck) I’m scared. I’m trying to hide it. Plz help


(In their house** I didn’t own a house at 16 lol they made a big deal about how it wasn’t my house ik it came off disrespectful)

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    Parents try to protect their children.  Even at 19 they still see their six year old daughter at play.  So your hickey is somewhat confronting.  Rather than being mad, they are concerned about your welfare.  There is nothing to be scared of.  Unless you think you are doing the wrong thing.

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    The Latino fathers I know wouldn't be a bit happy about that. 

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    3 months ago

    you got a hickey. from a random hookup. in the middle of a pandemic. you are a stupid moron. 

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