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Did Trump say this Or who was it ?

At this hour, Lie at my mercy mine enemies"

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    It definitely wasn't Trump. He's not smart enough to properly use Elizabethan English (like know when to use "mine" instead of "my" and when not), nor is he smart enough to quote anyone who has. Hell, he's not even smart enough to be able to quote even a single quote from his so-called "favorite book," the Bible, when after claiming it's his favorite book repeatedly, he's being asked repeatedly to provide a favorite verse or quote, always dodging the question. I mean, any idiot, even one who isn't religious, can come up with John 3:16 and quote it, but it turns out Trump isn't any idiot, he's a very special kind of idiot. So, no, Trump definitely never said that.

    Who else can't properly quote is you, for you've misquoted that passage, which actually is:

    "At this hour, lie at my mercy all mine enemies."

    Who said it was the character Prospero in The Tempest (Act 4, Scene 1). Who wrote it, which is why it's in Elizabethan English, was William Shakespeare.

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    That sounds like something that the Biblical King David would say. The language is far too lofty for the grade-school English of Trump. No matter - both are, or were, dictators and adulterers.

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