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Is their poverty in Japan?

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    Yes, there is poverty in Japan. Talking about what we call "relative poverty", which is people who live with income much lower than the average in the nation, about 15% of people in Japan live in relative poverty.

    But it's not poverty in developing countries. It's true that it's different from poverty there.

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    I am a Japanese.

    I believe there is poverty in Japan. For sure, far less people are suffering from staving.

    And relative poverty is the biggest problem in Japan about poverty.

    In relative poverty, they cannot afford to buy something a lot of people have such as some goods to join in sports team, or books and so on.

    Actually, in Japan, more than one-seventh children are suffering from it, according to the survey by the government. It is really important issue, lots of people think.


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    Yes, there is poverty in Japan.

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    Some people starve to death without national assistance. On the other hand, some young people are gambling and playing every day with government protection.

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