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If 45 y/o old man w/Autism pouts like child [or lies to get out of task] when he’s asked to do task, is that child-like behavioral patterns?

If HR was informed that he’s difficult to work with, and that he lies “I’m busy” whenever his co-worker asks him to assist with a particular task that he feels is beneath him, is HR likely to gloss over that, since it’s a neurological disorder, as opposed to his attitude stemming from a drunken state?  You can obviously be fired for being drunk at work, but is being stubborn about doing certain, which the stubbornness is triggered by Autism, something an employee can be fired for? Or would HR be empathetic and autistic employee walk all over his co-workers via lies and such?


Would HR be empathetic and LET autistic employee...   (typo)

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  • 3 months ago

    And you continually post this pointless question repeatedly.  Why?

  • 3 months ago

    Not nearly to the degree that posting about it on Yahoo Answers this often is.  I think man with autism is not the most immature person in his office.  At least he accomplishes a purpose with his complaining -- it helps him to get out of work.  But posting about it here, sometimes more than once a day, which accomplishes nothing, that's pointless and far more child-like than his behavior.

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