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Why don't Democrats accept that Puerto Ricans don't want to be part of the united states? They enjoy their freedom from our politics?

Heck, Hawaiians didn't want to be part of the united states (rich white merchants wanted it, not the natives) and the aborigines are actually holding independence protests. The united states is a dump regardless of who is president, no one wants to be colonized by us.


@Anonymous, Native Hawaiians, not rich white people who move to these island communities and then supplant the natives. That's how America takes over nations, they flood them with white people and then get them to vote for statehood.

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    Because Democrats cannot get over the idea of 2 Senators who will vote Democrat for the foreseeable future. Puerto Rico is already tens of billions of Dollars in debt, they are the Democrats' natural bedfellows. Like the Puerto Ricans who travelled to America after the hurricane, Democrats expect Puerto Ricans to vote almost exclusively for their party.

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    Because the claim is ridiculous BS.

    As ten seconds on the Internet would tell you.


    Puerto Rico has held votes on its status five different times (this will be the sixth).  In none of them has "Independence" taken the most votes.  In fact, it's never done better than third place.

    In the most recent vote (2017) "Statehood" was first by a nearly 2-1 margin over second place, the status quo.

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    If, in fact, they don't want to be a state, then don't let the door hit you on the **** on the way out... Time for them to fish or cut bait... you're either on the bus or off the bus...

    My guess is that given an ultimatum, it would be PR #52 in short order... that'll be after #51, DC...

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    I have never seen Hawaiians (non white or white) protest for independence. I do see many who proudly serve in the military though. Are you even from the US?

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    Let's wait and see what the Puerto Ricans decide on November 3.

    Your evaluation of the Why behind any NO choices they may make is a bit screwie.

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    If what you say is true, then Puerto Rico doesn't even need to hold the referendum next week. But I think that we should let them vote.

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    do you say white merchants to get around saying jewish

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That's good news, because we don't need any more Hispanics.

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