Should I get down on one knee when I ask Katie if she wants to go on a date with me?

this is urgent!


oh and should I say her first AND last name when I ask her?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Absolutely not. She will feel that you are putting her on a pedestal and will not respect you for it. Better to tell her that you want to take her out (or whatever) rather than asking her as if she would be doing you a favour.

    Work on your dating skills; there is plenty of advice on Youtube.

    Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Don’t ask her out in a style as if you’re proposing to her. That will scare her. Just use her first name. Tell her what you like about her, why is she special to you (unique), and ask her if you want to go out & do something casual like walk in the park. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No. She'll think you're weird. And she'll be right. And you'll make her feel uncomfortable and awkward. I mean, you do want her to say "yes," don't you? If so, then don't make her feel weird and awkward and don't make yourself look like a total goofball weirdo who's not only never asked a girl out on a date before but even a weirder weirdo who somehow has never even seen anyone ask a girl out on a date before even in a movie or on TV or anywhere. Save that grand gesture for a proposal, years down the road, or maybe a promposal, months down the road. 

    Be cool, dude. Stand on your feet shoulder width apart, square your shoulders up with hers, look downward for a second and then raise just your eyes to meet hers but leaving your head angled down so that you're peering at her almost like you're looking up at her, hold eye contact without flinching and without saying a word until she stops saying anything and has stilled herself and starts to wait to see what's going on, count to three quietly in your head, and then, calling her by her first name, ask her, "<insert her name here>, will you go out with me?"

    Once you pop the question, STFU. Wait for her to answer. Even if it takes her a few moments and the silence makes you feel awkward like you want to say something, don't. STFU. When you make a request of someone and don't STFU and wait for an answer, it makes it 15 times more likely they'll say no for a whole variety of reasons. So play it cool and STFU and wait for her to answer.

    If she says no, be all, "Oh, that's cool. I get it. No big deal. But, hey, I'm supposed to meet some friends in 15 minutes and I've gotta run, but I'll catch you later." Then jet. Don't be a d|ck to her. But also don't stand around floundering. Be cool. Once you get away from her, if you, I dunno, want to bust out crying, fine. Rejection hurts. Have your cry or whatever, then pick yourself up and move on. Next time you see her, just act like it never happened. Like everything's the same as always.

    If she says yes, which I think she will, then give her a warm smile and say something like, "Awesome." Then follow it up with something like, "This Friday at 7:00, I'll pick you up at your house?" Have a game plan already in your head of when the date'll be, where you'll meet, and what you'll do. Do not be that guy that asks a girl out on a date and then fails to actually lock down the date and/or fails to have any plan, like it's her job to now plan your date.

    If she says, "I've got plans this Friday." Then you say, "Oh, okay, well Saturday then, same time?" If she again says she's busy. THAT's when you say, "Well, when's good for you." You've made an honest effort, so it won't feel like you're unprepared and have dumped your idea in her lap.

    When she tells you a time, if what you had in mind won't work, just say, "Well, I was thinking we'd (whatever-- go see some band) but I'm not sure they've got a show then. But we could go see a movie-- or, I mean, is there anything you want to do?"

    Again, you haven't dumped it in her lap, but you're not being pushy and giving her the opportunity to choose if she wants to." If she does choose. Do that. Don't criticize it, even if it sounds lame.


    As soon as you do, leave. Glance down at your phone and say something like, "Oh, I didn't realize the time. I gotta go. Is that okay?"

    "Yeah, cooh," she'll say."

    "Then say, "Cool. I'm really looking forward to it." Pause for a second, count to three in your head, flash her a big smile. And then say, "See ya." And walk away.

    That's how you do it.

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