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Should the GOP stop trying to force their religion into everyone's life?

Lindsey Graham;

"I want every young woman to know there's a place for you in America if you are pro-life, if you embrace your religion, and you follow traditional family structure.”


There's nothing wrong with so-called traditional families. But realize people have all sorts of families. There isn't just one kind of family. Graham is insulting and vulgar here. Women have no place unless they submit to someone's idea of a stereotypical female? Graham himself is not married, has no children, probably closeted. He needs to sort himself out before trying to insult American women this badly.

Update 2:

The idea of the universal nuclear family is so widely accepted due to the attention this type of family receives in the media, and the comfort society seeks in thinking that there is one type of family spread throughout the world. The truth of the matter is there is no such thing as the universal nuclear family. Who defines family? Who decides what a family is, the media? The media has so much influence over our opinions that when we see "Leave it to Beaver" 

Update 3:

or the "Mary Tyler Moore" show, we automatically think that this is what family is. Families vary in membership, organization, life cycles, kinship networks, economics, etc. throughout the world. Each culture has its own "definition" or maybe the idea of what the ideal family is supposed to be. Many cultures accept polygamy. Some cultures have "families" who do not live under the same roof. Families vary with the culture and society they are in.

Update 4:

 At one time in this country, people may have thought there to be an "ideal" family. The perception people got from the media and of other families drove them to think that since this society has an "ideal" family mold, every culture and society has the same mold. One single family cannot represent all the variations of families in the world. If people believe that there is such thing as 

Update 5:

a Universal Nuclear Family, then they are unaware of the different variations of a family in this society. People who live in a tribe or segregated culture might think that they have the Nuclear Family and the ideal family, due to their ignorance of other cultures. 

Update 6:

The March 2020 issue of The Atlantic includes an article by David Brooks “The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake”. He writes “The family structure we’ve held up as the cultural ideal for the past half century has been a catastrophe for many. It’s time to figure out better ways to live together.”

Update 7:

Brooks notes that “for vast stretches of human history people lived in extended families consisting of not just people they were related to but people they chose to cooperate with.” Kinship was something you chose. In modern phrasing you lived in a “family of choice”. Extended families, including relatives, neighbors, friends and others, were the norm. 

Update 8:

But over the past couple of centuries, influenced and supported by economic advances, government policies, and changing social norms, the small “nuclear family” (parents and young children) became ever more common.

Update 9:

This peaked in the 50s and 60s, and was quite a successful model for living. Key to its success was the division of labor, where the man worked out of the house and the woman was relegated to raising the children and household chores. What was remarkable about this period of nuclear family success was how short lived it was. According to Brooks, it lasted just fifteen years. 

Update 10:

Today, this model remains as a cornerstone of the American family, and yet, it is not a successful model of living. Unfortunately, Brooks points out that today you have to be relatively well off to live successfully as a nuclear family, by paying for services that used to be provided by the extended family (child-rearing, caregiving, mentoring, coping with life’s shocks, etc.). For the working class and poor, 

Update 11:

the current situation is a disaster. They cannot pay for such services, and society throws up numerous obstacles to the types of extended families of the past.

Update 13:

A fifteen year window that was easily shattered is not the so-called traditional family. There is not traditional family except in myths and propaganda. 

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    Should, but they won't.  The GOP is 100% opposed to personal freedom. They want to force everyone to live according to their rules.

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    If a liberal is a vegetarian they don't eat meat.

    If a conservative is one everyone who does eat meat is going to hell and it's the government's job to ban meat. 

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    Since your definition of forcing one's religion on others includes being against baby killing, I guess it shouldn't.

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    Religious Americans live in a dream world. Women can now choose for themselves. They can work and decide their own future without relying on men. I have two daughters and teach them that they are strong individuals. They don't need religion or any other crutch to survive. It sounds like this Linsey Graham, is a control freak.

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    That would be a blessing. 

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    What’s wrong with traditional families? You know - mom, dad, and kids. Beautiful!

    Strong Families are needed for a stable society. Why would any sane person oppose this?

    What sort of families are you talking about? Single-parent families are statistically poorer and have the worst outcomes for children in general. That’s a fact. Most people in gangs and prisons didn’t have a father at home. Two-parent mom dad families are more prosperous and provide a stable home for kids. While two-parent families are not always possible due to abandonment or the death of a parent, we should still be striving for the best. We shouldn’t knowingly encourage homes that will lack mom and dad.

    Women and men depend on each other. The idea of everyone being independent and doing whatever they want brings the only destruction in the long run.

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    Lindsey Graham is a relic of the past, he needs to be removed.

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