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How to get into Magic: The Gathering?

It just seems like it's been around for so long that it's impossible to get into with the vast amounts of cards and the increasingly complex rules that have evolved over the years. It's like learning an entire foreign language its that complex and there are so many cards to remember and deck build with. It's like if you didn't keep up with it since it's inception, you have no way to catch up

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    You absolutely do not need decades of card knowledge to get into it today.

    Most Magic the Gathering events will use 'standard' format, which means only fairly recent cards are allowed. That means you don't need to own or even know about the cards that go all the way back. That definitely helps limit the pool for newer players.

    Starter packs will teach you the core rules and they aren't particularly challenging to learn. Newer cards tend to explain new keyword effects, anyone familiar with the core rules should be able to understand how to apply these.

    Yes, the comprehensive rules are bewilderingly long but you don't need to know about obsolete mechanics like banding or phasing, or the most complex card interactions like the layering of card changing effects (when multiple effects try to change the same thing, in which order are they appled).

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