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Why did Saddam Hussein have his charges for the Anfal campaign dropped?

"In June 2006, the Iraqi Special Tribunal announced that Saddam Hussein and six co-defendants would face trial on 21 August 2006, in relation to the Anfal campaign.[46] In December 2006, Saddam was put on trial for the genocide during Operation Anfal. The trial for the Anfal campaign was still underway on 30 December 2006, when Saddam Hussein was executed for his role in the unrelated Dujail Massacre.[47]

The Anfal trial recessed on 21 December 2006, and when it resumed on 8 January 2007, the remaining charges against Saddam Hussein were dropped. Six co-defendants continued to stand trial for their roles in the Anfal campaign. On 23 June 2007,"

Is it because the court would have had to explain how it was that Saddam Hussein could be guilty of Genociding Kurds, when it was the Jash forces that carried out the assault?

"The Iraqi Army was supported by Kurdish collaborators who were armed by the Iraqi government, so called Jash forces,"

And of course, the Jash forces, were made up of Kurds.

"Jash (Kurdish: Caş or Cahş, literally meaning "donkey's foal"), or "الجحوش [ar]" or The Light Regiments or fursan[1] is a type of collaborator,[1] usually a military unit composed of people of Kurdish descent that cooperates with enemy combatants against the Kurdish army, Kurdish rebels, or the Kurdish civilian population.[1][2][3]

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