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How can Christians protect themselves from demons on Halloween ?

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    We can be grateful that Jehovah uses his powerful angels to support and strengthen his worshippers on earth. Our appreciation for the role that angels play in God’s purpose is particularly comforting, since there are angels who have rebelled against Jehovah and have come under Satan’s leadership. The following article will discuss what measures true Christians can take to protect themselves from the powerful influence of Satan the Devil and his demons.

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    christians cannot protect themselves from demons because they follow satan to begin with. They follow the anti-christ Je-Zeus so they are already under the control of demons. People who follow and obey Yahveh and Yeshua are the only born again people.      

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    Jesus Christ does that for you. He sends holy spirits, guardian angels to guide us on our way, so that not even a single hair can be touched unless God lets it

     This was why Christ came, to defeat satan and the evil spirits. Jesus Christ defeated satan 2000 years ago. Now we are free.

     Christians carry His name, Christ. If you follow Christ, your path is made more clear.

       Pray and work, God is always helping. Knock and keep on knocking said Jesus. It works, God answers.

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    Only the Power of God can protect a person from demons. Turn your heart and mind toward God and you will receive God's protection.

    James 4:7 “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

    2 Thessalonians 3:3 “But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.”

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    Only if they decide to obey all of Jesus' sayings .

  • Satan, your god, loves your Myths, to celebrate Halloween days in his name, he has already prepared a gift for you, when you are with him in hell he will embrace you while you cry with him.

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    Keep up social distancing from demons.

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    Do not take part in this Satanic holiday and pray Jehovah God for protection.

    "The name of Jehovah is a strong tower. Into it the righteous one runs and receives protection." (Proverbs 18:10, NWT)

    More information about this holiday you can find in the website

    Here is an article about Halloween:

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    Demons do not mess with Christians...WE HOUSE THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THAT SCARES the stupid devil..

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