Is it an Amoral Relationship?

I'm going to use everyone's initials for this.

My cousin, ReS, is seeing this older guy, EP. They were dating when RS was 17; he's 19 now, and they're engaged. EP has a son, RoS, who's 16. RoS is dating VS, also 16, and ReS's brother. Now, ReS was adopted into VS's family when he was a kid. Over fourteen years, they've grown up as brothers, but it's not blood relation. Also, EP is RoS's stepdad, but he's been around since RoS was a baby.

So, there's an age gap between ReS and EP, but the more pressing thing is relation. Since they're not related by blood - and VS could potentially wind up as EP's son-in-law and brother-in-law (that was pointed out to me) - where is this relationship on the amoral scale?


I'm not asking to be nosy. VS and I have been talking about it lately, and he worries about how people might judge him. He's always thinking worst-case scenarios, so I posted this on here to get feedback.

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    I think you should just mind your own business.  Doesn't sound to me like anyone has done anything immoral or lawless.

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