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My boyfriend is sending sex messages on pornhub, what do I say or do?

As a person I don't mind him watching porn or something like that. But I was cleaning some **** up and he left his phone open while going to the bathroom where I saw that while I was in the same room, he was just messaging people on pornhub. Telling them he wanted them, and they had to come over. I don't know if he actually did that, but I am not really comfortable him sending messages like this in the first place. Especially not, when there is a woman alive, in the flesh in front of him, who loves him. I don't know what to say, or how to anymore. Is there anyone who has a useful piece of advice?


He also lied about doing stuff with a friend of mine, in a time we didn't have a relationship yet. Which wouldn't have been a problem, if he didn't lie to me. That makes it harder to trust him.

Update 2:

He also wants to meet up with her now, and her to send her number and pictures. So I really don't know what to say to him anymore, is this kinda stuff normal?

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    Pornhub and similar sites are safe, no physical interaction, and you can play out your fantasies.  Boys will be boys. If it offends you, tell him flat out that you feel that you should be his number one. If he gets bent out of shape, toss him to the curb.

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    Leave him alone, or loose him. He is chatting, not cheating. It makes him feed his ego. If you cannot deal with it, its best that you break up, and move on. He is not going to stop, for you.

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