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Why did my therapist lie on me?

I’m an woman in my early 30s with a few mental issues. I’m on medication and receive therapy. I had a therapist appointment on Friday and I said”If my life went bad, I would probably run in traffic” My life is good. She twisted my words and said I would run in traffic with my child.

Around 7pm child protective services came to my house and questioned me and checked my son for bruises. If he has food, clothes, a bed, and anything suspicious. I was so confused and humiliated, because I would never hurt my child. He’s 4 with special needs. He receives, speech therapy, has a primary doctor and a neurologist.

So, child protective services saw my sons medical documentation and decided everything looked good in the house. The problem was I had to get involuntarily checked in a mental institution for evaluation because they could not reach the therapist to let her know everything was ok with my child.

So, My husband watched our child while I went with them to check in. Hours went by and still could not reach the therapist. As this point they were holding me hostage. They locked up my purse and gave me a room. Around the 15th hour, I received an evaluation by 2 psychiatrist.

Asking me a series of questions like date, month and spelling things backwards. I explained the therapist twisted what I said and I’m changing her when I get out of here.

They decided I  was sane and would be discharged, but I will have to do online virtual therapy. Why would the therapist do this??


I’m in the State of NJ and the people claimed it was a law to keep me for 72 hours, but I was I was released at 2:35pm yesterday on the 20th hour, after Child protect services fought to get me out with a letter and numerous calls. On Monday I will be complaining to her supervisor to get a new therapist.

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    I am sorry for your experience but here, I must tell you about your legal rights.

    Child Protective Services may have come to your home but you had no obligation to let them in or talk to them.  If they have no warrant, they have no right to come into your home and the constitution says you don't have to talk to them.

    It seems that you were more than 100% cooperative in this.

    I would STRONGLY recommend that you consult an attorney about this incident because you have certain rights that you need to be educated about.  Most attorneys wont charge for a consultation so this will be a good thing for you to do.

    I would drop this therapist like a hot potato.

    I would follow through to her supervisor.

    I would consult an attorney to learn my rights in this situation.

    The ONLY thing I could think of is that you may have been talking about your son before you would.."probably run into traffic".  Be careful how you phrase things.

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    Honey, I am sorry that happened to you. If you can manage to get yourself out of this I recommend you don't see any more therapist. This is not why BUT have you ever noticed the spelling of therapist = the rapist. I have seen a few and I will tell you my opinion on the therapist. They are not in it to make you better. They are in it to keep you sick. I searched for help for over 20 years. All they did was give me drugs that only made my problems worse. Finally, one therapist met my mother who attended all my appointments with me. I have agoraphobia along with PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome. I felt it necessary to have someone with me. (usually her) But this time the therapist talked to my mother. In the next session, I went alone and she told me my mother was a narcissist. All the other therapist just wanted to push drugs. Most therapists are not the kind that believes in nurture not nature is the problem. Most think it's a chemical imbalance. That's why they push drugs.  Please, please be careful. Even the therapist who told me my mother was a narcissist did not help me other than to tell me that my mother was a narcissist. Therapy does not work.

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    great job picking a horrible answer.  refuse to let CPS in, they come back with PD and a warrant.

    the CPS worker can determine at the door by your lack of cooperation that the kids are in imminent danger.

    therapists aren't mandated to report a suicide threat when no one else is threatened.

    CPS didn't hold you, the hospital did.

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    was he good !! and did you enjoy it ..

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    Your therapist didn’t “lie on you.” Your therapist is a mandated reporter familiar with your history. If I say “If my life went bad I wouldn’t probably run into traffic” and I had no history, no one would be concerned. With your history, your therapist is concerned. That’s her job, and, again, she is a MANDATED reporter who MUST report child abuse/neglect (or possible child abuse/neglect) to the authorities. And that’s what she did.

    Actually CPS could have held you for MUCH longer than they did - by law. You appear to be very dramatic, and I wonder if this is part of your issue. You were NOT held hostage. Are you saying the hospital would have released you in exchange for money? That’s being held hostage, and I highly doubt it happened. Again, very dramatic.

    Of course they took your purse and phone just like the take the purse and phone of each and every person who is admitted to a mental health institution.

    I don’t know what “changing her” means. If you mean you are changing Doctors, your history is going to follow you.

    The therapist did “this” BECAUSE she believes you are a threat to yourself or your child or the general public. And this also begs the question, “Why are you in therapy?” It is HIGHLY unusual for a person who is “sane” to be ordered into therapy, on line or in person.

    What is the underlying problem?

    EDIT:  I am confused that CPS "fought" to get you released from the institution.  WHO put you into the institution, who ordered that you be evaluated?

    Again, your history will follow you.  Why does "her" Supervisor have to get a new Therapist for you?  Cancel your existing appointments and find a new Therapist.  It's just that easy.  But, again, WHY are you in mandated therapy?

    And MY story?  A woman I worked with was going through a matrimonial action involving custody of her two children.  SHE made a flippant comment to her Court-mandated therapist that if things didn't go well she was going to throw herself off a bridge.  CPS came in and removed the children from the home.  The hearing did not go "her way," and she threw herself off a bridge.  Guess who got sued?  Her therapist.

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    actually in NJ, they can keep you for 20 days without a court hearing.  they are known to falsify paperwork to justify it.

    the alleged crisis centers were you went are nothing more than human warehouses who only serve to turn people into zombies and send them on their way.

    I had a friend who is a frequent guest of the facilities. "O" is supposedly better than "T", but both facilities violate many patient rights and even commit criminal acts.

    Part of your story is missing, Child services can't have you sent to the hospital for an eval.  Without an overt threat, the psych screener comes out to assess if you need to go to the ER, when they determine you do, you get taken against your will....the ER then lets you sit and stare at the wall for hours before determine if you are a threat or not.  They do that even if you go voluntary and need urgent treatment for a severe anxiety attack.

    Child Services has nothing to do with getting you out either.  At best they can relay their opinion.

    threatening to run into traffic is an over threat and grounds for admission..even if you claim things are good at the moment....if things were 'good' you wouldn't be in therapy.

    these crisis centers don't know their a$$es from the elbows...

    in one case with my former friend she was aggressive toward me to the point she was arrested.  they determined she didn't need to go.  she ended up being admitted the next day.

    another time, they went to a guys house, knocked on the door and went away when he didn't answer. for 2-3 years he barely ate or bathed.  his stench was so bad he was a walking bio hazard.  his dogs were peeing in the house, it leaked through the floor and some how damaged the washing machine according to he didn't do laundry.  when PD finally got in months later, there were threats scrawled all over the walls and weapons stashed around the house to harm himself with.

    another time an abusive male lied that a female sent him a letter saying she was suicidal.....the letter kicked him to the curb for being abusive and said she would be fine on her her....the hospital refused to read what the letter actually said.....and didn't let her go until the guy admitted about 5 days later that he lied because he was mad at her.

    I also know of 2 people that committed suicide the day after being released (and my former friend ended up right back in a day after release).

    your personal therapist should be able to determine if you need hospitalization or not....not strangers from a medical warehouse.  if you could, try to go to a different place altogether.

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    That one statement would not be enough to justify a CPS investigation or a psych hold. Only the culmination of your entire psych history could warrant a therapist to take such drastic action.

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    it's her job.............

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