I'm White & I have seen Racism and I know it exists because I am a bit racist myself, even though not intentionally.  Are you a bit racist?

I have some racist in me. I know it because I know me better than anyone and I know when it happens although I do not know why, but I know it is racist.  I don't just do it to blacks either, Asians, hispanics.   I do not consider myself "a racist" although I do not have any black friends, there were no black kids in my school or in my neighborhood as a child. And few were in any of my classes in college. But as human resource executive I have hired many blacks, and hispanics and I know that they are no different and I know that I did not turn away anyone because of their skin color, but in my head I always have to make sure I am not letting my racist side influence my decisions.  It is in my head, can't change the way I think but I have learned to work with it. 

1 Answer

  • Yes, mijorty of people are part racist that's why we feel more comfortable living among our own kind. 

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