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Women: would you rather being called a slutt or a promiscuous woman?

Since there is a term *sluttt-shaming*, it seems that being called a slutt is less problematic because there is a legal authority for anyone who does slutt shaming. But, when you call a woman promiscuous, you won't be condemned for it. What are the differences between a slutt and a promiscuous woman? Isn't a slutt is a woman who is NOT a prostitute, but has sexual intercourse with multiple men, while a promiscuous woman is a man-crazy woman who always looks for romance and likes to flirt without realizing it? Sorry, but I honestly don't know the differences.

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    That is like calling stripper exotic dancers, earning a honorable living while paying through medical school... So is deceiver opps actors

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    **** and promiscuous woman mean the same thing - a woman who sleeps around a lot. Promiscuous does not mean a man crazy woman always looking for romance and likes to flirt without realizing it - the word you are looking for is "flirtatious." It means a woman who has frequent sex with multiple men. 

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