My kids are in in online version of school. I got an absence intervention meeting letter but im looking at the dates and 6 dates i contacted?

6 of the dates i contacted the teachers and have proof.on the 1st date, i was waiting for speech therapist to come to meet for 30 min she never showed and have emails where messeged her nd she told me go zoom caused daughter be 20 min late. on 2nd date i left vm on school phone that she was sick. on third date my car had broken down in middle town nd didnt make it bk home til 930 bc stranded but i had texted teacher. next day that car was junked. the th date im not sure why absenton 5th nd 6th date they were switching her homerroom teachers nd schedules changed so didnt kno wen have her online.on 7th date it was my fault bc i wasnt paying attention bc was getting house ready for exterminator coming the next day. that night messeged all teachers saying kids wouldnt be in classes bc exterminator coming on 8th date they didnt go classes bc exterminator. on last date im unsure why shes absent. so do i call be4 the meeting with this information or do i wait til meeting?


plz i need to kno whether to call them monday

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