How was your first day stacking shelves ?

Had my first day and it was probably the worst day ever , managers left me and told me to get on with it with no one close to help, just wondering if everyone hated it as much as I do on their first day because i am considering leaving as i think most people think it’s so easy however I find it

 quite complicated for eXample reading the barcode ticket and knowing how much to stock up and picking up heavy stuff from the top of the shelves on a ladder gives me such bad anxiety as I feel like it’s going to fall on top of me. 

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  • 3 months ago

    Get a job at a grocery warehouse filling orders.

    Stacking shelves won't seem so bad.

  • 3 months ago

    Welcome to an actual JOB.  Do your work. 

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    Take your time on the ladder. If some thing is too heavy, take a few items out of the box and bring them down. Then bring the rest of the box down if you need to. 

    Reading a bar code and knowing how much to sock the shelves with shouldn't be that complicated, if you have a scanner that would make your job easier. 

    If you need help get a manager or find some one that can help you. 

    It's only your first day, quite normal to feel frustrated and not know what you're doing. Maybe try giving it some time before deciding that you hate the job. If you can't then quit. Don't bother using the job on your resume and don't use them as a reference. You don't have any experience after being there only one day.

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  • 3 months ago

    I did do it for a couple of months when I was young, it's a hair brained job and they will moan if one of your labels is facing slightly the wrong way.

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