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does having natal Moon in Leo make you a lot like a person with Sun in Leo? what about Mars in Leo?  or Leo on the Ascendant? how depends?

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    Think about this for a minute.  Why would Moon, Sun, and ASC in Leo all mean the same thing? That doesn't make sense.  That would mean the Moon, Sun, and ASC are all the same. 

    Here's your problem in a nutshell:  you believe, as do a lot of misguided wannabe astrology students, that the entire chart is all about you. It isn't.  Your personality isn't important at all despite what high school kids think. Astrology was always used, until the 20th century, to determine the kinds of events in your life, not just your behavior in front of others.  As far as you are concerned, the ASC was primarily used to determine your character, your "wit" (something like intelligence today), your health etc.  The other planets held significance of the house they occupied and the house or houses they ruled. 

    So if you have all that stuff in Leo, the obvious and correct question is, "In which House?" In the first, it's about you.  In the second they refer to your wealth or lack of (Leo is a barren sign).  In the third, your siblings, if any.  In the fifth your children, if any.  In the 7th house your spouse.  In the tenth your actions, career, reputation etc. In the 11th your friends. 

    The business of "It's all about me!" is mostly the result of legal persecution in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  The belief was that if the chart only reflected the  native, then it wasn't fortune telling. There were two famous cases regarding this difference.  One in England was the trial of Alan Leo who was charged with and found guilty of "pretending to tell fortunes."  The case was a travesty, very likely to be struck down on appeal, but Leo paid the small fine (He could have been sentenced to years at hard labor) and gave up.  He died shortly after the trial.

    The other case was heard at the municipal level in the US.  New York City to be precise.  That was the case  of Evangeline Adams, charged under the vagrancy laws with pretending to tell fortunes.  She won. However, by that time, astrology had taken a turn for the worse led by the aforesaid Alan Leo and then, worse, by Dane Rudhyar, who sealed the deal with his book, "The Astrology of Personality" first published in the 1930s. He wasn't even an astrologer.  More correctly he was an occultist. But his book, "borrowing" heavily from the work of Marc Edmund Jones, became a landmark of sorts and led us down the road to the astrology of narcissism we have today. 

    It ain't all about you.  Trust me. 

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