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Isn't russia technically a first world country?

The 3 worlds refer to world war 2 alliances. first world was allies, second world was axis, third world was countries who did not participate. But now Germany and Japan are considered first world and Russia is considered second world. What gives?

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    Russia≠Soviet Union.

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    Well at least we know that our anonymous troll(s) did not stay awake in poli-sci class.  The 3 worlds refer to level of average economic development. Having nukes does not make your country a first world country, just ask north korea.  russia's economy is the size of California, no more no less, and by the way, down with the dingbat, all the way down. 

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    First World- Empire nations

    Second World- Former (and technically current ie North Korea and Cuba) Communist Regime Nations

    Third World- Nations that were formerly under imperial regimes and not aligned to communist ones

    Russia is technically a first world nation because they were an empire.

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    Yes was there in 2017 the supermarkets and Malls are cleaner than some in Europe and they have Cleaners in their Toilets and Sinks and soap and Paper towels

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    4 weeks ago

    These days, using the current definition of " first world countries" Russia is a first world country.

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