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why were the Chinese gov. officials arresting doctors for spreading "false information" when Covid19 was first starting to spread?


what did they think it was? a propaganda , hoax being spread and encouraged by western powers? mainly the USA? how true maybe? why?

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    Because the government didn’t want the world to know that they started a pandemic. They figured that if they can keep it quiet and not cause any panic, maybe they can contain it before it turns into a pandemic. 

    Could bill gates have been right when he said that when countries started recalling all their citizens to return, it made it even worse. People that got infected didn’t know they were infected and there was no quarantine in place so when they were on the plane or at the airport, they were unintentionally infecting hundreds of people. Back in China, it didn’t matter what country you came from, you were ordered to stay at home and if you didn’t, you risk getting put in jail or faced a heavy fine. So if people were ordered to stay at home, would the spread be that fast or would it have been slowed down. 

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    they were acting like all the actors on the world stage.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    That's what happens when left wing extremists like Democrats and the CCP are in power.

  • 4 weeks ago

    they were only following orders ... of course

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  • Jake
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    Because Xi wanted to take the narrative away from the doctors and scientists and control what the people knew about the virus. He didn't want the Chinese people to panic so he downplayed the severity of COVID, compared it to the common cold and the seasonal flu and promised a vaccine would be available "very soon". He also said that although there was an uptick in cases the death rate was next to nothing. He claimed to have excellent therapeutics that were more of a cure than a treatment and proclaimed the People's Republic of China had "rounded the corner" on the virus and there was nothing to worry about.

    No wait, that was Trump...............never mind.

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