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Are my math answers correct?

Q1.)  One tenth is?       A1.)   1/10 = 0.1

Q2.)   -0.84 is *less* than -0.83

Q3.)    1.78395534 to the nearest thousandth is 1.783

Q4.)     L=1/5, W=0.56, Area of rectangle is 14/125 yards squared

Q5.)     Highest speed ever recorded is 232.0. How much higher than 34.5 is 232.   A5.)     197.5

Q6.     2/5

If not, would you mind correcting me?

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    Q1 correct

    Q2 correct

    Q3 is incorrect. When rounding, look to the number to the right of the place you’re rounding to. If it’s 4 or less, it stays the same. If it’s 5 or more, increase it by one.

    Q4 is correct as long as both L and W were given in yards. You could’ve also changed L to a decimal (0.2) and multiplied (0.2)(0.56) = 0.112 sq yds; same as 14/125

    Q5 correct

    Q6 has no question, unless you’re dividing 5 by 2. Which is 0.4

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