Squeaky brake pedal?

Hi! The other day I was trying to get my foot brake hold to work. I was having trouble getting it on, so I was pressing down on the brake quite hard at standstill to try get it working. The day after, I noticed my brake pedal makes a slight squeak when releasing it in normal driving. Could it be that I’ve caused this from what I did? Really regretting it. Is this anything to worry about and does it need fixing? Thank you!

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    If it’s just the pedal which is squeaking then the pivot probably needs a little bit of lubrication. 

    Use grease or oil on it. WD40 is not good for that as it is not a lubricant: the primary purpose is for water dispersal (hence WD) and it tends to wash out any existing lubricant as it is a solvent. If you have no grease or oil, pop over to a local garage workshop and ask a grease-monkey to dab a little on there in return for the price of a drink or two.

    The pedal was likely going to soon start squeaking anyway, regardless of what you did. Pressing harder just spread out the little remaining lubricant so that there was not enough anymore to prevent squeaking.

  • 4 weeks ago

    ALWAYS lilts the YEAR< MAKE, MODEL of car and even the MILELAGE and the ENGINE SIZE! Brakes are a touchy thing! Hardly NO ON ever flushes and changes the BRAKE FLUID< but it is an ESTER COMPOUND designed to attract MOISTURE from the air! When it turns DARK BROWN< it is a DEAD FLUID! It then becomes like LIQUID ACIDIC SANDPAPER and begins to destroy pricey BRAKE parts from the inside OUT! YOU MAY have distorted your BRAKE PADSW or even helped to WARP the ROTORS! BROWNISH brake fluid will eventually lead to STUCK CALIPER and leaks within the power BRAKE BOOSTER especially if you have been using WAX/TAR based oils like VALVOLINE ( made from ASH and TAR< refined by wax reduction method) ALSO bad WHEEL BVEARINGS can affect braking As well! They can cause the PADS to overheat and then the glue holding the pad stopping material can FALL RIGHT OFF the metal backings! FLUSHIGN OUT of OLD BAD brake fluid should be done by the DEALERSHIP that represents your car type and NOT necessarily by an OIL CHANG E CENTER! There is NO SUCH thing As UNIVERSAL fluids. EUROEP now uses a SYNTHETIC FLUID that last LONGER and prevents most intersnal leaks from happening! GOOD LUCK!!

  • Barry
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    4 weeks ago

    Lubrication won't hurt. Spray the pedal shaft with WD40.

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