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Can a real estate agent be sick just the days I had an appointment with him?

Today was the third time in 2 weeks he bowed out of out appointment claiming an upset stomach. I seems too coincidental to be beliveable. His email correspondence was form his office, so he was at work the days we didn't have an appointment. I wonder what his problem is?

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    So?  Ask if another agent with the company can help you...if they cannot...find another company because they do not want your business.

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    If he uses a laptop that thing goes home with him, you know. 

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    "Can" he? Sure. He can do whatever he wants. Maybe he's dealing with Krohn's disease or some other condition you aren't aware of. You don't know and it's really none of your business. I can send email from my business email account from home, that doesn't mean anything,

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    "His email correspondence was form his office" how do you know?

    It's just shy of 2021.  People have been able to send and receive email ANYWHERE for about the last 25 years.

    - You have no idea where someone is when they send email and the sender has no idea where you are when you receive it.

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  • 3 months ago

    You can get a different agent you know.  

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    3 months ago

    Sounds like he has the Hershey squirts 

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