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Different Hair Types on Head?

I’ve had straight hair for most of my life. I usually combed it back and blow dried it in place. I got a perm for a year and stopped getting them, but I noticed some of my hair growing back a little curly. My dad has naturally curly hair. What do you think is happening? Not all of my hair is growing back curly like shown in the picture.

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  • Genetics. If your dad has curly hair, and it runs in your family then you could end up with curly hair. 

    At least you won't have to get a perm any more. You may have to grow it out more or show us a longer piece of hair so we can tell if it's naturally curly.

    This happened to me when I used to perm my hair. I got it relaxed and I discovered I have naturally curly hair. The curly hair gene in my family usually starts showing around when some one goes through puberty. 

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