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Why won't anti maskers eccept that masks work?

you put something im front of your face, its gonna prevent more droplets from exiting then there would be if you weren't wearing one. Basic physics. If you dont understand that, then i don't what to tell you.

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  • It is the mishandling of masks that I disagree with. 

    Do you ever really observe people when out and about? 

    I watch and see so many fidgeting with their masks, or touching their faces after handling God knows what..or Touching the outside, exposed part of their mask to remove it before proceeding to put something in their mouth, and many other similar transactions. I watched a man once remove his mask so he could lick his fingers to separate his bills. 

    At that point can you really say those masks are still beneficial? People need to learn "hands off".

  • yay
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    1 month ago

    Because they're arrogant and think they know more about the spread of germs and infections than people with medical degrees. Either that or they just don't care. 

  • 1 month ago

    It’s a political thing, trump didn’t like wearing masks and his base went along with him especially since liberals agree wit that masks are a smart thing to wear

  • A.J.
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    1 month ago

    If a person only cares about him/her self, like Trump, the evidence of masks preventing ones own infection is recent and only points to percentages of asymptomatic in masked vs anti-mask.

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