Engine knock monitoring on 2017 ecoboost?

2017 Ford Explorer Sport 3.5 eco boost

Unleashed 93 tune (sent logs back and forth)

AFE intake

Oem plugs gapped .030

After diving into the tuning world I have been monitoring knock on my sct device and my heads going to explode now.

Everything was peachy no knock until I took a trip down south and on the way back from the trip decided to monitor knock sensors. Looked good a .75 or lower mostly 0 or negative knock, until I stopped for gas at a racetrack* gas station filled with 93 octane and began to monitor again Merging back on the interstate I noticed an increase in knock up to 3.0* positive.

Mostly negative under light load and acceleration and then positive knock at higher gear hard acceleration.

Stopped and got octane booster to help with no effect to knock, got down to half a tank and filled with 93 from a trusted gas station I used regularly with more expensive Lucas octane booster and still no effect.

Switched back to stock tune and still knock same degree around the same speeds 60+ mph.

I can get through 1-2 second gear hard acceleration and get 0 or negative knock on both tunes until the upper part of third it starts showing knock. Sometimes a can command 3rd gear pulls with it in manual and no knock. It’s pretty random.

I believe it’s false knock as it’s happening on both tunes with about 10* or more less timing on stock tune. No audible ping or detention I can hear. Car runs great 

I checked for loose items in the engine bay no luck. What else should I do?

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    1 month ago
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    You should forget about it, It's not false reporting. It's an active and adaptive system that can take time to adjust and there are more factors than just bad gas (Racetrack) - why did you do that!

    Ambient air temp and density (altitude) are also factors, give it some time with a full tank of known good gas.

  • 1 month ago

    It's your aftermarket intake disrupting laminar flow. see this post  https://ricksfreeautorepairadvice.com/do-cold-air-...

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