How long have you driven your car?

Had me car 11 years. 


Have a Japanese car and love it. Not saying I wouldn’t like a newer car. But it’s a very reliable and smooth. Can’t really complain during these times about a reliable old car. ☺️

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  • JOHN B
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    4 weeks ago
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    20yr. Bought with17k on OD, used in '99.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I've had my current car (2012 Nissan Versa Hatchback - 6 speed manual) for a little over three years.  It's been fairly reliable other than some problems with the clutch.

    I bought it with less than 20K on it, but unfortunately the original owner apparently drove with their foot resting on the clutch the whole time, so the stock clutch failed at 26K.

    It still had the factory warranty, and I (stupidly) let them talk me into an extended warranty - but when I dropped it off to have it fixed they wanted $2000 to fix the clutch and another $500 to do the flywheel.

    They insisted that the clutch was a 'wear and tear item - like a brake pad' and not covered by either warranty.  I assured them that the clutch was part of the drivetrain, and not 'like a brake pad', but they refused to budge.

    I fought it all the way to the regional Nissan offices before giving up.  I actually knew one of the managers at the Nissan place, but the best he could do was a 10% discount on the parts (the labor was what was driving the price though).

    Finally I told them to give my f**king car back, went on and bought a clutch/flywheel kit for $390 with a 20% discount, so it ended up being about $320, and put it in over a weekend.

    Just a few weeks ago the aftermarket slave cylinder decided to start leaking, but the autozone/duralast kit has a lifetime warranty - so I made them send me a replacement (and they sent me a whole replacement kit) so I have a brand new clutch/flywheel/slave cylinder again.

    It was easier to put in this time, having already done it once - and while I probably could've found something better to do that weekend, it was actually pretty enjoyable to work on - very simple to take apart and put back together.

  • garry
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    4 weeks ago

    riding for 44 years and driving for 30 years ..

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    3 months...

    Longest was1991-2003;  12 years and 125K miles.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    my truck is an 1985 = 35 yrs

  • 4 weeks ago

    Present Vehicle 2 years a 2002 VW Bora

    Previous car a 1986 230e Mercedes Benz 10 years

    I also owned a 1964 220 Sb for 20 years

  • F
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    4 weeks ago

    16 years. It has  cost me a lot in the last 3 years due to rust but it is not depreciating so is costing me less than most people’s cars do., although it doesn’t feel like it  paying out £4000 for repairs in a car that is worth £5000 at most.

    However , something with similar performance would cost me £35 000 new.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I've been driving for 54 years. However, I have been driving my current vehicle, a 2009 Acura TL for 9 years. I bought it in 2011 after it had come off a 2-year lease.

  • 4 weeks ago

    About 8 1/2 years ago.  But by Christmas, my truck will be 18 years of problem free ownership

  • Murzy
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    4 weeks ago

    Mine is new. 2 months old.

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