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Does this count as attempted sexual assault?

A couple of years ago I used to be the manager/bookkeeper of this small family owned mail room and while business was very seasonal, a lot of the time I was alone running the shop. A young woman being alone, it was very common for me to get inappropriate comments from men but none of them had done anything explicitly threatening before, so I didn't usually make a big deal over it. 

One day a man came in with a package and started making inappropriate comments which I just ignored, trying to be civil and get him out as soon as possible because I hate confrontation (which I know is stupid). Then he made a very inappropriate comment about my breasts and before I could react, he reached over the counter and tried to grab me, but I jumped out of the way. He was banned from the shop and he left. I told the store owner but I never reported anything to the police.

I hope I'm not sounding like I'm trying to blow this out of proportion, I know people have had worse, but I felt very scared and I'm no longer comfortable working by myself where people are able to come in. I have a history of being sexually assaulted so I guess I'm just asking for perspective because I know I can overreact to things like that and I hope I don't insult anyone by asking this.


@Steven F I wonder how I worked at one then lmfao. I don't think you know what a mail room is.

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    this small family owned mail room


    Your BAD fiction gets LESS believable from there, and that statement is IMPOSSIBLE.

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    It's an attempted physical assault.  I don't know where you are and if the Police would consider it an attempted SEXUAL assault.

    I am the survivor of stranger rape at knifepoint, and I really appreciate your comments about not insulting anyone.  I am not insulted, and I think more women should post their experiences - which you have done.

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    Attempted sexual battery at least. 

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