Do you agree with this? ?

Do you agree that men care  more about their female friends.  more than their male friends for example if a guy hugs. his female friends and not his male friends. does not mean that he cares more about his female friends. because he hugs them and less about his male friends because he doesn’t hug them. 

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  • T J
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    1 month ago
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    Some guys do not like a Bro hug, I do with my BFF. we grew up like brothers. I love him like a brother. My BFF and I have been through a lot together, supported each other, there for each other when one of our parents died. I cried on his shoulder. Hell if he were a woman id marry. American men were taught it is unmanly to touch another man, mean while the rest of the world do it and give it no thought at all. Americans are damn prudes. Hugging a man vs a woman does not mean liking one over the other.

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