Are people who hide their sexuality usually depressed ?

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    4 weeks ago
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    With hiding or trying to hide one's non-heterosexuality from oneself and from others being the leading cause of suicide and earnest attempts at suicide, yes, I would say that's a fair assessment. Moreover, people who quit hiding their sexuality and "come out," as it were, often say that doing so is the result of feeling so depressed (from the abject rejection of themselves spiraling them into self-loathing and shame and leading them to hide who they are from others while trying to change but being utterly powerless to change their sexuality) that they reach a breaking point, one where they feel their only options are suicide or accepting what they cannot change and no longer hiding from it. 

    That's what gay pride is all about, not about bragging to the world about being gay but about celebrating the victory of resurrecting oneself from soul-crushing depression, shame, and hiding from being gay, the consequence of lifelong societal messaging that being gay (i.e., inescapably experiencing deep and abiding emotional and sexual desire for people of one's own sex) is evil, disgusting, and shameful and makes one utterly defective as a human being and wholly unworthy and unfit in the eyes of self, family, society, and God. Who wouldn't feel depressed by that? Who wouldn't want to celebrate surviving that?

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    4 weeks ago

    Well it’s not a fun experience to hide your non-straight sexuality.. But i wouldn’t say it makes you miserable like people make it out to be. I’m a gay guy who has done stuff with girls too..  maybe i’m bi, I don’t know. But I do know that hiding the fact that i’m attracted to other guys does not make me depressed. It’s a lot more comfortable and after all, it isn’t everyone’s business. People at work don’t often talk about their straightness that much, so yeah. 

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    4 weeks ago

    No, the are not ready to come out. Or they are not safe yet to come out. there are many reasons not to come out, and most are not depressed, they are mostly protecting themselves from the hate and abusers.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The transgenders are, they have a 40% attempted suicide rate.  That is insane.  They need help.  

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    4 weeks ago

    Im not sure theres been any sort of reliable study done specifically into the mood of people in the closet, but in general, the stress of keeping a big secret can definitely have an impact on mood

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