Worried after being kicked in the testicles?

Long story short, I ended up pissing this girl off when I squeezed her butt and she kicked me in the balls. She kicked me so hard that I almost puked from the pain and, for some odd reason, I ended up ejaculating myself. It didn’t feel like a normal ejaculation though and it wasn’t pleasurable at all. It was a very weird sensation and the *** just sort of kept running out. It wasn’t just a small amount either. I felt my jeans becoming noticeably wet while I was bent over holding myself and it was extremely embarrassing. Why did this happen? Is this normal? At first I wasn’t too worried that anything down there was permanently damaged because she had her heels off before she kicked me, but now I’m starting to worry. 

2 Answers

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    3 months ago

    Yeah oh, right.

  • 3 months ago

    Just call your doctor and learn that harassing a woman costs a lot

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