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Should you forget about a guy that is not honest with you.His family came around to ask me what is going on and he has a gf but ?

He wont tell his family what is going on with me and him and he has feelings for me cause he was jealous when i had a boyfriend and i only got one cause he made out he didt care about me.He rubbed things in my face him having a gf.

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    Forget about him.  He sounds like a loser with problems.  Any man who only wants to chase taken people is an a$$hat who is not looking for any sort of commitment or relationship.  Get some self confidence...otherwise you will keep attracting these kind of jerks.

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    Yes of course you should unless you want to continue being disrespected and used by him.  He has a g/f who he hasn't told you about.  She's obviously met his family and they like her enough to make the effort of coming round to tell you off.  He's cheating on you and he's cheating with you on this g/f.  Doing nothing just allows him to continue treating you badly.

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    4 weeks ago

    I am a family friend

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    Why is his family involved? You do not want to be involved with anyone, who has a family so involved that they come and visit you. Date him, they would be in your life way too much to be happy. Its worse than dating a Mommas boy. With this one, the entire family would be running your life and make your future not a good one. He had a reason not to tell you he had a GF. How did his family even know about you?

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    Me? No. That's because I know everybody's dishonest and because I'm clever enough to be able to gather more truth about people from the lies they tell than I could ever learn from them telling the truth, because what they're dishonest about betrays their greatest fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities and gets to the heart of what really drives them. Only a naïve hypocrite would break up with a guy for being dishonest, "naïve" because that person imagines there's anyone not dishonest and fails to see that if that's a standard that that person's going to end up breaking with literally everyone and hypocrite because that person is also dishonest and is so dishonest that that person is dishonest about being dishonest, even dishonest with themselves about it.

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