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If a vigilante group shows up at your house to interrogate you, can you call the police to have them removed from your property?

So I'm friends with this young lady who is asian and she's 32 but she looks really young. My friend thinks that she is under aged because of her young looks and that she likes hello kitty. He's trying to get the attention of this vigilante group who targets predators. The group's name is PopSquad. I'm disgusted by what this group does and they're ruining lives by doing what they do. My friends think that everything about me is predatory including how i dress. I dress in suits when I go concerts to see my lady friend and he thinks that makes me look like a child predator. If this group shows up at my doorstep, can I call the police to have them removed from my home ?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    In theory: Yes.

    In practice: Vigilantes don't ask questions.

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