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What the hell does being nice to people get you?

**** being nice to people! I'm done being nice!

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    Being too nice is bad because other people will take advantage of you and treat you like a doormat.

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    3 weeks ago

     It’ll “get” you (ab)used better to be firmly assertive zx

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    You're nice to people because YOU'RE nice. That MANY people are nice in return is a bonus. You don't know about what's happening to the people who aren't nice in return. Maybe they've just been nice and someone was mean to them? Maybe they've just had some upsetting news that didn't leave them feeling very nice? (A medical diagnosis that isn't good/or a family member has had the same thing?) Maybe someone they love has died? My point is, most people ARE nice - but don't always show it because they have a lot of nasty/hurtful stuff happening to them. For that reason - when someone doesn't return 'nice' to you - think of that and let it go.  

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    making a positive impact in a person's life when they truly needed it

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    4 weeks ago

    👹Embrace the dark side.👹

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    4 weeks ago

    You really shouldn't worry about this stuff until you reach the mental/emotional age of 12, so relax for a few years.

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    It’s basic ethics. When someone’s rude to you, doesn’t feel good right? You can ruin someone’s day by being negative. And vice versa. Negativity surrounds you and the people around u. If you don’t like someone, be in a neutral state, not mean but not nice nice either, just neutral. I know some people are literal assholes, but by being nice, you attract people that you could possibly bond with. Being nice opens doors, negativity usually closes it, trust me. 

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