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How to dispose of ammunition, if necessary?

Cleaning out a garage, I found a plastic ammo box with .357 rounds. They have been in that same spot for at least 23 years (in a storage desk, next to the garage door, in Washington state, subject to extreme cold and hot weather temps over the decades). Are these still safe to fire? If not, how to safely dispose of them? They don't appear to be corroded or deteriorated. I may not have use for them, unless I take ownership of the .357 snubby that they were used with (again, at least 20 years since either ammo or weapon has been fired). 

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    "...unless I take ownership...."

     So, you don`t own the pistol? Obviously you don`t own the ammo as well. If you can legally assume ownership then take the ammo and pistol to a range and shoot it up. 20 years is not that long for ammo nor pistol. If you are allowed private firearm sales in your state then advertise to sell pistol and gift the ammo if you feel comfortable with the buyer. If not, then contact a local FFL dealer to rid of both. Usually a pawn shop that sells guns will have someone to legally transfer firearms into the right hands.

     If you don`t care to own either then turn both over to local police. 

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    Use it in Portland. Lol.

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    Take them to a gun store and tell them the situation.    They will probably take them off your hands.  

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    Drop bricks on them.

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    The ammo is fine if it's not turning green. Shoot it. 

    Source(s): Ammo doesn't expire...ever.
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    Hum .. so happens I have been looking for a large frame .357 Mag snubby. Send me the revolver and throw the ammo away OK ?

    That takes care of your entire problem ......SIMPLE : )

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