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Why do people say single mother household has higher suicide rates for children?

My mom had 8 kids all to one man he died with me being the youngest at 23, he died when I was 2 weeks old, mom never had another guy for a father of her kids! We kids never self harmed and were and still are very happy! While a relative had 5 kids raised with mom and dad and 2 of their kids died of suicide in 2018 and another last year. So why do people assume that, I know many single mom/dad households and the kids grew up (when I was in school) to be happy, even now as a RN I see that people is happy no matter what!


I am now 23 I miss worded it sorry! When he died I was 2 weeks old.

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    Your personal experience of suicide is based on limited data. Several long-term studies have looked at hundreds of thousands of suicide cases and found that suicide rates - as well as other things like teen pregnancy, anxiety, drug use and lack of education - are higher among children of single parents. That's looking at lots of data, numbers and statistics, not just the people you've met. 

    But there are also other factors that have an effect, such as economics, mental health and extended family. A single parent with a stable high-paying job, who is happy and well-adjusted, and/or has a lot of family members to help out, will generally be better off than a two-parent family with no resources, untreated physical or mental health issues, and no extended family. 

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