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Am I out of line for feeling hurt my oldest sister never wishes me happy birthday? ?

I always gave her a card and a small gift, even painted her a painting and had a party for her one year. But no text, or card, or anything for my bday For the past five or so years. I Eventually stopped giving her gifts, because it seemed one sided. At the same time, I know to some people bdays aren’t a big deal so not sure if I’m overreacting. 

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    4 weeks ago
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    No, you're not out of line. Even if she never got you a card, it wouldn't kill her to wish you happy birthday.

    I just thought, the fact you're asking this now it could be your birthday today.. in which case here..Happy Birthday and a yahoo messenger hug >:D< for you.

    And you can if you want then make her feel really guilty by telling your sister even someone you don't know online wished you happy birthday before her.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I don't get Birthday wishes, or calls from some people who don't wish me a happy Birthday,  I do it anyway,  and "yes" it kinda hurts.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Guess you will never know unless you ask her

  • T J
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    4 weeks ago

    No, she should have sent a card. I dont care about a birthday, I do not care, its just another day of the year. All that happens is I get a year older.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Have you talked to her about it? Have you asked her if she would prefer a card, gift, a lunch together or just a phone call? How does she usually celebrate her own birthday? Are you close to your sister? Does she have financial or personal reasons for not giving gifts or reaching out to you? No one can tell you how to feel. If you feel hurt you feel hurt. But I have no idea if it's "overreacting" without knowing more of the details. 

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