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I feel like I’m having schizophrenia like symptoms ( caused by paranoia ) ?

I live in an apartment with “thin” walls I put that in air quotes because i cannot hear them but they can hear me. After finding out that they could hear everything that I do it became hell. I am a person who suffers from anxiety so when I just need to be alone & be myself it’s hard because I’m being Heard. tho when I was first living hear I use to not think that they could hear me till I was told that they could ( & I come from a very loud family so me and my family are loudest people in our neighborhood ) I know somebody is going to say just start being quieter. If you understood us you would know it’s really not that easy especially with the life we live. So please save that. It would be a book for me explain what goes on. But the problem that I’ve been having is that everyday I can’t get the thought out of my head that everything I do is heard every step, every phone call, every fart, basically anything. It’s gotten so bad to the point where I’m even starting to think I can hear them talking about me which I never did before & I’be been here for a while. & I know I’m just going crazy cause it’ll be 4 am when everyone is sleep & I’m not doing anything but every move on the bed any little thing I do I think I can hear them talking about me. Even when nobody is home I’ll think someone is & there talking bout me & I can hear it. What is going on with me how do I fix it? 

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    Then see a mental health professional. 

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