What is the best way to answer a customer when they ask how we know our surfaces are properly disinfected when I don't think they are?

I've had customers ask how we know all our surfaces are properly disinfected.  The directions on the spray bottle say to spray surfaces down then wait 10 minutes.  This isn't always possible, sometimes we are really busy so we have to quick wipe the surfaces then get out of the way of the customer.  Restrooms can be a bearcat because management doesn't want them closed when we are busy plus we are often short staffed.  What's been bothering me is a know-it-all assistant manager is instructing employees to dilute our disinfectant with water 50/50 when the instructions on the bottle clearly state "use full strength, do NOT dilute".  The whole deal is, our industrial chemicals are expensive, so the manager wants to look good by saving the company money.  

What it comes down to, I'm spraying the surface with diluted disinfectant and then wiping down immediately.  When it comes to restrooms, we are to get in, hurry get it cleaned and get out quickly as people need to use it.  

I just don't know how to answer customers when they ask if we are getting our surfaces properly sanitized because I don't think we are. 

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  • Audrey
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    If you value your job, just say yes things are sprayed and wiped down regularly. Leave it at that. If they want more info, call your manager.

  • 1 month ago

    "We follow our management's instructions to periodically disinfect surfaces used by our customers."  Hope no employee calls the health department and tells them the disinfectant is diluted.

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