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Smelly discharge?

I have been to my OB and have been tested for STD’s and STI’s and everything came back negative. Yet, I still have excess discharge and my discharge smells kinda sour and sometimes it smells fishy and itches occasionally. I am a grown woman. 27 years old and I have 2 kids. I keep up with my hygiene and I know there are things that can cause a woman’s PH balance to be thrown off such as, fragrance/harsh soaps, semen, tampons, etc. which is why I invested in PhD suppositories and took them for a week and everything was good down there. No bad smell, no excess discharge but two days later, it’s all back again. I went to my OB multiple times about the same issue and have not been given any advice or insight on what could be causing the bad smell. At this point I’m wondering if I was lied to because I have never had this smell issue before with no solution. I’ve had BV before and was treated for that. This seems like it could be BV again and maybe I’m just prone to getting it or something I don’t know. Can a woman’s PH balance just be off without having any type of infection? Or does it absolutely have to be followed by an infection and that’s the reason for the smell, discharge and occasional itch? I need help. There’s no reason why my discharge should smell like that and it’s frustrating. I am embarrassed to be out and about and have to use panty liners (which irritate me down there too btw). 

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    It could quite easily be your diet. I'd check up on your macros if I were you. Make sure you're getting the recommended amounts of carbs, proteins, fibres etc a day. 

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    Heres Something to consider.

    Fresh air & sunshine. well Fresh air anyway.

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